About the program


The PMAY Artists’ Initiative... 

is designed for serious music students who have a high musical aptitude and the motivation to pursue a professional music career on a standard orchestral instrument. 

Eligible instruments include:

  • Violin, viola, cello and double bass
  • Flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon
  • French horn, trumpet, trombone and tuba
  • Percussion
  • Harp

This program is open only to orchestral instrumentalists. Applications for piano, saxophone, guitar and voice students will not be accepted.

The PMAY Artists' Initiative is a collaboration among ten Philadelphia organizations that believe in providing access to music education for all students. PMAY Artists may work closely with one of many of these organizations and their programs, based on the individual needs and goals of the Artists.


The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation...

endeavors to strengthen, promote, and, where necessary, defend the humanities and the arts to human flourishing and to the well-being of diverse and democratic societies. To this end, it supports exemplary institutions of higher education and culture as they renew and provide access to an invaluable heritage of ambitious, path-breaking work.