This is the PMAY Artists’ Initiative.

The PMAY Artists’ Initiative...

(pronounced pee-may) supports 5th-12th graders from underrepresented communities and low-income households to pursue their dream of becoming a professional classical musician. The PMAY Artists’ Initiative will offer students financial support to make lessons, music classes, youth orchestra participation, and summer music camps affordable. Students will be able to attend free college and career preparation workshops, and PMAY teachers and staff will work with each family to make sure each musician has a strong plan to be accepted into a music conservatory, college or university music school majoring in music. 

It is meant to address a major issue in American classical music. Fewer than 5% of musicians in professional American orchestras are African American or Latino, and the numbers of South Asians, Pacific Islanders, American Indians, and Alaskan Natives are similarly low. Yet the cities that support these orchestras are racially and ethnically diverse places. The PMAY Artists’ Initiative will eventually change the face of classical music.

While each PMAY Artist’s plan for study will be different, the estimated value of what each PMAY Artist will receive in financial support is in the thousands of dollars annually.