Preliminary Video Requirements


What should I record?

  • An introduction of your name, school, grade, instrument and why you want to be a PMAY Artist (40 secs)
  • Announce and play the scale(s) in the audition requirements; in quarter notes (20 secs)
  • Announce and play the 1st piece or etude (1-3 mins)
  • (If applicable) Announce and play the 2nd solo piece or etude (1-3 mins)
  • The video should be one-take and unedited. You can try as many times as you want to and send in your best one.
  • The length shouldn't exceed 7 mins


How should I record?

  • Smart phone video in landscape orientation is acceptable
  • Use the rear facing camera
  • Use a tripod or rest the device on a stable platform. No handheld videos
  • Ensure your whole self is visible and that you fully fill the frame.
  • Record in a well-lit and spacious quiet room
  • Dress professionally, like at a performance
  • Look at the recording device when speaking


How should I submit the video?

  • Upload the video to YouTube
  • Copy the link to the online application page
  • You may want to ensure that the video is "unlisted" to ensure privacy
  • If you have unsure how to upload a video, please contact Najib Wong


When should I submit the video?

  • Deadline is May 15, 2018
  • Applications after May 15 will be placed on a waitlist
  • You are encouraged to submit as early as possible to ensure an audition slot